Project Promoter and Operator: Hilltop Mall Ltd. The Company was incorporated in June 2015 with the principal objective of operating high class Shopping Malls in Ghana. Founder and CEO is Mr. Emmanuel Anane. Ltd. Hilltop Mall Ltd is a subsidiary of Gentle Giants limited wich has been in operation for almost 15 years. The parent company boast of an annual revenue of USD $ 21.1 million. The first Shopping Mall Project is situated on a 10 acre land adjacent the AchimotaPokuase-Nsawam Highway near the ACP Junction.

Project Highlights

  • Contemporary Design
  • High Efficiency Energy Concept
  • State of the Art Technology
  • Expandable Room Concept
  • High Class Facade Lighting Concept

Project PRE-DESIGN Pictures

Below you will find our first designs ideas. The building is based on an extraordinary amorphous design shape. The structure harmoniously fits into the intersection of the intended location.

The front fa├žade is made of glass and offers the ideal basis for our highly modern lighting concept and is therefore also very visible from afar.

Please note that this is a preliminary draft!


The access is via the adjacent main road. The visitor can either enter the underground car park directly or use the circulating road. At the back of the building there are up to 300 aboveground parking.
The shopping center can be accessed from 4 entrances (south, north, east and west). The exit of the garage is at the end of the circular road.
The natural terrain allows for the construction of 2 park levels without the need for complex earthworks. Each level has space for about 1,000 automobiles.


The room concept consists of 2 wings. In wing 1 is the floor 1 with the anchor shops. Above it is the auditorium which extends over the further 4 floors.

The wing 2 has a total of 5 floors. All levels are connected by two elevators as well as a continuous escalator.


The auditorium consists of 3 sections. The stage, audience area 1 on the ground floor as well as the spectator area 2 in the upper floor.
Access is via the ground floor from the outside (next to the stage) or via the internal floors 2 and 5.


Since this project is a class 1A site, we are proposing
The integration of an expansion concept.

In the following designs you see a proposal of an extension with a combined shopping and office building. The existing building is connected to the new building on the ground floor. Additional connections can also be made in the floors 2 to 5